The Power of Small Changes Episode 80

I like this time of year, but not for the reasons you may think. Christmas is fun, but I like it for another reason. Goal setting is enjoyable for me. I like setting my aspirations for the next year around this time each year.
At this point in the year, I can see my successes or failures of the year and adjust for the following year. This motivates me. Figuring out what worked and what hasn’t and what should be tweaked is essential. Part of setting goals is knowing that failure is not final. Failure isn’t a person, but it’s an event to learn from.
This weekend I had a lot of time to think. Our house sits on an acre lot, and half our property has trees. We have a LOT of leaves each year. In previous years I’ve had time to blow the leaves over the course of a few weeks as they fell. That made a big job palatable. Even with my commercial grade leaf blower, our leaf removal is a major task! Amelia loved the leaves, though, as seen below.
Amelia in the leafs
For some reason, I thought I had a good idea this year. I thought I’d fix what wasn’t broken. This fall has been busy, so I mentally justified waiting until all the leaves were off the trees to clean them up. I’ll never do that again! We had more leaves in our yard than I’d ever seen at one time. Walking through the leaves meant sloshing through the thick leaves.
One of the thoughts I had as I cleaned the leaves up was that there is power is in doing small things in small sessions. Often, the hardest thing to do is the first thing, but when I practice doing a little every day, it results in accomplishments over time.
Amelia in the leafs
Amelia eating a sucker
Turing a corner in life can be a rewarding time where you’re able to refocus on important things, and invest time in people and organizations that matter to you. I’ve quoted this Zig Ziglar saying before but its truth never fades. “Every time the opportunity clock (alarm clock) goes off is another opportunity to get up and go.” We’re granted new opportunities each day.
Consider what you’ll aspire to achieve in 2022. Start thinking about it now, so you have time edit it or fully think it through. Then, write those goals down, so next year around this time you can see what you’ve achieved. It’s important to commit our goals to pen and paper because we can’t improve what we don’t track.
Until next week,
David C. Treece,
Financial Advisor
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