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Who says you have to wait until January to make new goals? We just crossed over the halfway point in 2021, and back in January I went through some ideas retirees could think about for goals.
In college I worked at Starbucks in a small town in Virginia that was close to rural lands and a national forest. We had a unique crew at the coffee shop and most of us became pretty close friends. We would go hiking, camping, cycling, and kayaking together. It was an idealistic environment to work in, as the people I worked with were all-around great people. I’m pictured below at a campsite on the AppalachianTrail.


I’ve had a kayak since I was about 20. It’s the kind you take out on calm, mostly still water. Chris, our store manager, had been given a canoe by one of our Starbucks customers, and we had another Chris who worked with us.
The three of us decided to take our boats out to the mountains near the Natural Bridge and put them in the James River. We got a start that was later than ideal, and the fruition of our plans worked out differently than we anticipated.
It was a couple of hours until dusk and the water would have needed to be higher for us to make the place we had planned to get out of the water. We pressed on, though. It did end up getting dark, and this area of the river had huge boulders coming out of the water. There were rocks that protruded several feet out of the water that we had to navigate around. I’m pictured below with Chris on a hike.



Fortunately, I had brought my headlamp, but when I turned the light on hundreds of tiny bugs swarmed around my head to the point that it was unbearable to keep the light lit. So, I’d hit a rock head on because I could not see it in the pitch black of night and out of the boat and into the water I’d go.
The first time this happened I lost all the contents inside my boat. I was one more wet guy. We finally made it to the place we had planned to get out of the water. It seemed like it took hours and hours.
Life is a lot like a river. Life is fluid and it changes. Instead of barreling on when changes in our lives happen or maybe things are not going quite like we had planned, there’s nothing wrong with stopping the middle of the year and reassessing your goals for the rest of the year. In hindsight, we probably could have decided to not make the trip down the James that time and came back.



Maybe everything is going like you had planned and those goals you made at the start of the year are coming to fruition; then this may be a good to renew your focus and say a prayer of gratitude to the Lord.
I bought a book on investing recently that’s over a thousand pages. I told Mallory that I’d have it read by December 31st. I figured out I only needed to read five pages per day to complete my goal. Sometimes breaking things down in smaller increments can encourage us to get things done.
I’m starting to feel better on my morning runs, but I need a little motivation to keep it up. I registered for a 10k (6.2 miles) race on Labor Day. Now I have to run or I’ll be in a lot of pain on Labor Day!
I’d love to hear what you’d like to accomplish with the second half of 2021. Reply here and let me know. I’d like to encourage you and be encouraged by what you are striving for.
Until next week,
David C. Treece,
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