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Our vacation has come and gone. During our 7.5-hour drive back home Amelia, our 3-year-old daughter, reiterated how much she enjoyed our trip by telling us “I miss Florida” about 59 times. We agreed, but it was time to get back to work.
Destin, Florida, and the surrounding area along the panhandle of the state have white sandy beaches. Also, the water is normally pretty clear, so it makes for scenic views. Amelia pictured below.
My strategy when I go to the beach is to have an ocean view in case of rain. At the very least we can sit inside and look at the ocean. Mallory did a great job picking our condo because the views didn’t disappoint.
Normally, when I’m drinking my morning coffee, I read and then catch up on my emails and read the news. Our view was so beautiful that most mornings, I just sat there taking in the scenery. An ocean view makes for a great start to the day! We were even able to see quite a few dolphins swimming by from our patio.
Amelia lived to build sandcastles on the beach. She’s learning to count, so she would tell us that she wanted to build “eight, nine sand castles.” It’s been fun watching her experience new things and enjoy the sun. We tried to keep her covered up, but she still got crispy.
One morning we rented a pontoon with some friends that happened to be down on vacation also, and we drove the boat around the bay area. There’s a famous sand bar called Crab Island, and normally there are tons of people that have boated out to the middle of the water where the sandbar is. You’re able to get in the waist deep water and the water is clear. Click here for Google images of it.
One thing we didn’t anticipate was the cooler weather. It was nearly too cold to get in the water. We were happy we packed extra clothes for the boat ride. I normally don’t think of Florida being cold. No complaints from me though, because I’d rather be cold than sweaty any day.
The Washington Post recently ran an article titled 95-year-old might have found the key to longevity: A purposeful life.
The article described how Olga Murray, who is 96, has flourished despite the COVID lockdowns and how she has found meaning in her life. She lives a life of gratitude for the vitality she has.
The article states she will commonly tell people “I feel so fortunate. You can’t imagine.” It’s amazing that thankfulness attracts blessings in our lives.
Just think about it. Who would you rather help? The person who says “thank you” or the person who never shows appreciation when you lend a helping hand?
While her mother lived to be 98, Olga has done her part by eating healthy and working out three times a week.
The article states, “Scientists increasingly are finding that some variation of that third factor – call it living with purpose, finding meaning in life or just engaging with something larger than yourself- can be a particularly healthy pursuit.”
A study conducted in 2019 of 7,000 older people revealed that “living with a sense of purpose can improve the quality of those final years and even prolong them.”
She retired from practicing law after a career that spanned 37 years, and she wanted to find purpose working with children in retirement. She never had kids herself and has been divorced for a number of years. She stated, “I have always loved children, and have endless patience with them — not as much with adults.”
At age 59 she went on a trek in Nepal and she was intrigued with how happy the children were despite what many would deem miserable circumstances. The kids were malnourished and had no toys but they had joy that was unfamiliar in industrialized countries.
She interacted with a family there and the kids were of a fortunate few that had the opportunity to go to school, but they had to walk two hours to get there. Can you imagine?
During her trip she had an epiphany that she wanted to spend the rest her life helping Nepalese children. She went back the following year and with the help of others began organizing college scholarships for a few of the children.
A few years later they launched a non-profit where hundreds of children were able to obtain scholarships and they helped house homeless children.
Children are often sold into servanthood there, and worked to the point of exhaustion. Families sold their children to raise money so Olga developed a strategy to give these families animals to raise and sell so they would not feel the need to sell their children.
This strategy coupled with educating the children so they are able to develop a skill set and earn money has helped mitigate child trafficking.
It’s easy to develop an identify in the work that we spend 30, 40, or 50 years doing, and once we retire it may be easy to lose purpose. There are many worthy causes that you can find purpose in by helping them by volunteering your time and expertise. Our value to society doesn’t cease when we retire, and I’ve found some of my most fulfilled clients have been those who had a reason to get up each morning. If you’d like to read the article, click here.
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