Eliminate Banks! Show 20

David is joined by Sarry Ibrahim to discuss how to eliminate using banks for loans. The bank on yourself concept uses Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking strategy to create your on personal bank.

This idea utilizes permanent life insurance to create your personal bank. Permanent life insurance has couple living benefits, and when properly structured this strategy can allow you to simultaneously use your dollars for more than one thing.

Have you ever wondered if there was another way to get a loan besides going to the bank? What happens when you need a loan? You may go to the bank and you’ll have to qualify to get a loan.

If you really need a loan because times are tough, you probably won’t qualify for the cash. With the strategy we discuss on the show, you can create your personal bank to potentially eliminate this issue.

Or what if there was a way to use $1 in more than one way… This is called leverage. We share with you how to make your money work harder.

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