Different Types of Fixed Indexed Annuities, Show 19

Do you know the two types of Fixed Indexed Annuities? There are income annuities and accumulation annuities. David breaks them down into these two categories, but of course there may be some overlap with them. But generally speaking, these are the types.

Accumulation focused fixed indexed annuities do not guarantee a rate of return. You’re participating the growth of an index but you’re not invested directly in the stock market. So, you cannot lose money if the market goes down. If the market goes up you may earn a return. This same concept applies to Income focused fixed indexed annuities, but they come with riders to allow the income portion to grow at a specified rate for a specified number of years.

David explains how both of these annuities work and connects the dots on when to use on versus the other. We’d love to hear from you. You can reach David by calling 864.618.4800

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